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  • A 3-dimensional wooden construction block set with 29 puzzle pieces and 20 model build cards of increasing complexity.

  • Use the uniquely shaped pieces to build the animals shown on the cards; the 3 levels of complexity grow with the child’s increasing skill.
  • Helps build motor skills, linear thinking, sequencing, observation, shape identification and problem-solving.
  • Every DJECO product is made from the highest quality materials and is completely non-toxic; meets and exceeds all US and European safety standards.
  • An excellent gift for toddlers 3 years +


  • 一組木製積木和五顏六色的動物幾何圖案
  • 包含 29 件木製形狀和 20 張圖卡
  • 非常適合空間感知、色彩辨識、手眼協調
  • 適合 3 至 10 歲的兒童

Ze Geoanimo

SKU: DJC064324
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