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The beautifully designed Twistizz wooden puzzle from Djeco is a lovely way for little ones to play and learn. The fabulously designed 4 piece construction allows young children to smoothly alternate the different heads, bodies and legs. They can either solve the puzzle and match up the characters or create amazing new ones.


Djeco Twistizz擁有設計精美的木製拼圖讓孩子們玩耍和學習。 精心設計的4件式結構使幼兒可以順暢地交替使用不同的頭部,身體和腿部。 他們可以解決難題並匹配角色,也可以創建驚人的新角色。


Suitable From 2+ years

Dimensions box: 7.5 x 16 x 7.5 cm


SKU: DJC019119
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