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These tropical toucan toys are ready to make math fun! Learn the fundamentals of fact families with Toucans to 10. Numbered 1–10 and cast in 10 vibrant colors, these toucans help students master the fundamentals of addition and subtraction by turning math lessons into an engaging, hands-on game! Just draw a fact card, solve the addition or subtraction equation, and put the card in the toucan with the correct answer! As they play, students will develop a greater understanding of fact families, the sets of math facts created using the same numbers. Quiz the whole class, add a twist to small group activities, or turn at-home study into playtime— the counting bird toys of Toucans to 10 are ready for all of your math study needs! Made from durable, wipe-clean plastic, the toucan toys of Toucans to 10 are strong enough to last lesson after lesson, and come with 120 fact cards that keep each play session fresh.

Toucans to Ten

SKU: LER5458
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