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Select your outfit of the day and lace them onto this wooden doll! This quality lacing set comes with thick and durable laces, making it easy for little hands to handle and stays strong even with extended hours of play. An excellent fine motor toy that not only takes your toddler to the next developmental milestone, but also leaves them with an immense sense of achievement.


選擇當天的服裝並將其係在這個木製娃娃上,即使小手也很容易握持並保持堅固。 一個出色的精美肌能玩具,不僅可以帶您的孩子邁向下一個發展里程碑,而且還可以給他們留下巨大的成就感。


Suitable From 3+ years

Dimensions box: 21.8 x 18.5 x 4 cm

So chic!

SKU: DJC016910
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