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  • It's lunch time in the rainforest and Frida is collecting letters for her little ones! Spin the letter spinners, search your nest card for a match, squeeze the matching alpha-fruit with the toucan squeezers, and place it in your nest. Find 4 alpha-fruits in a row first and you win. But look out for the lion: He'll feast on your fruits! 2-4 players

    Ages 4+

    How to play
    1. Each player gets one nest card and then takes turns spinning all three spinners.

    2. The player then chooses one of the letters on the spinners.

    3. The player needs to match the letter fruit bowl to one of the spaces on his or her nest card.

    4. Play continues until one player gets four letter fruit bowl in a row.

    Age 3-6

Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game

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